Sunday, March 29, 2009

100 and counting...

I didn't even realize that my last post was number 100 until today. I am completely oblivious.

I'm not the most dedicated blogger, mostly because getting to the computer where blogging is an option is a little tricky, but I do try to keep up now and then.

I got around to uploading some pics off the digicam last night, so I thought I would share a few!

The movie Coraline is definitely a Tim Burton, and by sheer defenition, not my favorite. However, there were aspects of this film that I found mildly amusing, which I am sure was not what Mr. Burton had in mind. The 3-D feature was mildly entertaining, and the girls seemed to like it pretty well.

Here's my Katie blowing out her 9 birthday candles. Suprisingly enough, there was cake left over, but the veggie and fruit trays didn't stand a chance!!!
When was the last time you had fun in a box? (with a fox?)
Race to Witch Mountain was a wonderful updating of the movies I watched as a kid. The kiddos loved it, and so did I.
Only at a Star Trek convention is all I have to say!!
Behind my front door is this bulletin board. I have randomly stuck pictures of people we love to it, but it is full.
I like the concept of making the pictures a permanent fixture in our home, but I need the bulletin board for family information stuff, so I took down the pictures and am going to create a collage with the pictures.
Maybe you will end up as art in my home? Do you see your picture here??? If not, better send me one! I'm starting collage number two!!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

TP - (a little bathroom humor)

We have a rule at our house.

Look before you sit.

This rule has come from several instances where from the nether-reaches of our home has come the yodeling call of

In our house, it is Popple's job to place the spare rolls in their proper cabinetry when the tp is liberated from its packaging.

More often than not, the tp is stacked in architecture Frank Lloyd Wright would envy in the girls bathroom, not making it into the master bathroom.

Such was the occasion yesterday morning as my physical needs outweighed the need to abide by our family rule.

I sat there, realizing that I did not have the necessary tool of cleanliness. My husband slept through a door a few feet away.


says I.


says he.

Where's the tp?

asks I.

With the Indians.

says he.

(Those darn Indians...)
(NO offense intended for those of native American ancestry. It was simply my husbands feeble attempt at bathroom humor.)
It wouldn't have been nearly as funny except that Popples latest creation was conical, and the King took a roll from the bottom making a doorway and stuck a plunger and toilet brush into the top. Alas, the camera is not charged, and the structure, out of necessity, has been destroyed.

Looking Up

I know, I know, standing under a ladder is bad luck.
This was the best time I ever had standing under a ladder.
Hailey, Katie and I were helping the Builders at their house, and this ladder was just sitting there.
After some convincing, I got my girls to climb up the (almost) 8 feet so I could take this picture.
Okay, Hailey didn't take much convincing. Kate on the other hand struggled a bit to climb. You gotta admit, the picture is great.
Looking up to my girls was a change in perspective for me. They are always looking up to me for guidance, examples, because I'm taller (right now... it's about to change... they aren't supposed to get big). But I look up to them for the examples they are to me everyday. And then they smile down on me, and I know that they are the closest people to angels and heaven that I know.
My little miracles.

Thursday, March 5, 2009


Today the forecast is 70 degrees and sunshiny.

I have a job that I am not at risk of losing anytime soon, and that pays me pretty well.

I live in a little house that has some personality.

My husband also has a job that he is not at risk of losing anytime soon, and that pays him pretty well.

H&K are the best kids ever.

I have the best friends EVER!!!

I often wonder what it would be like to not know that the Lord blesses me everyday. I know I'm not the most grateful or humble of His children, but I do know that He loves me, and cares about me and the family he has given me.
My friend is getting married next weekened, and she picked this gorgeous song for her untiy candle lighting. It's called Footprints in the Sand (it's on my playlist, take a listen!). It's based upon the poem of the same name. It go to me this morning. He never gives up on me, even when I sometimes give up on myself.
I thank Him for that!