Sunday, December 28, 2008


I'm not much of a driver...

I mean, as a whole, my drivers licence is valid, and there are no tickets or accidents marring my record such that the insurance company would drive up the ever-rising premiums.

I really don't have too much of a problem during the summer times, but winter driving and I are not the best of friends.

When I was in high school there was a place between Old Cheney Road and Glynoaks on 70th Street that I would slide on ALL THE TIME... The Judge would sit there as we crossed Old Cheney and say "3...2...1... cue the ditch" and off the road we would go, only to be pulled out by my mother's suburban when some kind individual would let me borrow their cell phone (usually a cardiovascular surgeon well known to my family as he was on his way to work... humiliating since I worked for his wife).

None the less, after 5 years and 4 months of a perfectly clean record, Nebraska ice weather and lack of road clearing capability got the better of me, and my Mali is relegated to a life in a garage for repairs. (The two most recent accidents on my car, mind you, were at my mother's house, my car parked, me in the house, and someone backing into my poor vehicle when she could not defend herself)

Let me just say, for starters, that this could have been worse.

It was a Saturday night, around 6 PM. I am headed north on a stretch of road approaching O Street (the main drag). I have the Bug and our friend Nina in the car with me, and I topped over the small hill and am headed downhill into the intersection. Three lines of at least 2 cars a piece, and I caught the ice. I applied my anti-lock brakes, and realized that I was not going to stop. Rather than take out the kind, and completely unaware, individuals ahead of me, I veer to the left and into two poles protecting a bush. The pole stayed vertical. My airbag didn't go off. Nothing... I didn't hit anyone, or anything valuable, but I tore up the front side of my car.

After registering my safety and security and that of my passengers, I called the non-emergency number for the local law enforcement. They determined that because I was on private property and no one was injured, they did not need to make an appearance. I backed out and went about my merry way.

No offense to those in the industry, and I do recognize that it is the holidays, but it should not take AN ENTIRE WEEK for me to get the repairs estimate approved so I can get my car fixed. I have now been without her since last Tuesday, and they haven't even started the work because the adjustor was out.


Ah well... That's what I get, I guess!

Friday, December 19, 2008

You are not gonna believe this....

Fore-warning: Do not click on the title link with innocents present (or if you are the innocent, at all).

As if the concept of meat-smelling cologne wasn't enough, the advertisement had to make it worse.

Can you imagine???

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Shopping


(Aren't you jealous?!?!?!?!)

Friday, December 12, 2008

My Hero!!!

He's done it again!!!

Several months ago, the speakers on the family computer ceased to function and updating mp3 players (mine), blog music (also mine), and ax (again, me) ceased to be entertaining. I could not listen to the music before it was passed along to other formats/peoples...

(I fully recognize this is my problem, but I firmly believe that if mom ain't happy, ain't nobody happy....)


We had also discussed the possibility of moving the computer desk to a different corner in the office. (Again to accomodate moving MY stuff into the office. It has to go somewhere.)

Tonight when I got home, the He-Man (Master of MY Universe) had moved the desk and rewired the speakers. I HAVE SOUND AGAIN!! I'm so happy...

He moved my printers, and the desk and everything. It is wonderful.. And the computer sings while I type and play.



Friday, December 5, 2008

The Annual Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Our wishes that this epistle finds you well, happy and joyful at this wonderful season of the year. Please do catch up with us as you can, we would love to hear how you are faring.

Our year, as always, has left us much for which to be grateful. As a family, we have had many opportunities to share experiences. Our favorite, this year, was going to Orlando. This year we took DJ’s parents and brother, showing them Sea World and Disney World. It was truly a wonderful experience, and we are looking forward to shared trips in the future.

DJ’s highlights this year, as always, are the trips he takes with Burger King, as a restaurant manager. Because his store raised the most for the VFW’s UnMet Needs, he spent several days in Minneapolis. He also went to Las Vegas for a larger convention. He is the training manager for his district, and always works hard.

Shannon is still working as a telephone interviewer for Gallup. She also works with the Activity Day girls (8-11 year-olds) and loves every minute of it. She picked up a few more piano students. When she has spare time, she heads straight for the blog, Facebook and any books she hasn’t already read (and some she has). She also is learning to play the organ.

Hailey is in fifth grade, playing the piano, playing the French Horn in school band, and singing in the school choir, Prairie Winds. She loves going to Activity Days, and spending time with her friends.

Katie got baptized in January of this year. She is enjoying the third grade, and playing the piano. She has loved our traditional trips to pumpkin patches, and visiting with family. She was very excited to welcome our new little cousin, Nathaniel (via Orron and Irene!) and our new Aunt Whitney (who married Uncle Bubby).

Have a very Happy Holiday Season:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We love you all!!!