Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just Chill!

10 days ago, my refrigerator died.

The compressor cried out in pain.  The refrigerator shook.  And then all was quiet.

The landlady purchased a new refrigerator from a company whose name I shall not disclose.  They scheduled delivery for today.

The weather had other plans.  "Snow-mageddon" prevented the nice people from bringing my new fridge to me.

When the un-disclosed company called to cancel, they informed the landlady that they would be able to reschedule delivery for Friday.  She kindly and politely informed them that was unacceptable, the fridge was for a rental with children in the home, and a waiting period of 9 days for delivery was ridiculous.  They thanked her for "understanding" that others were scheduled for delivery tomorrow and Thursday, and so the soonest they could bring the fridge was Friday.  If that didn't work, they would be happy to work it in on Saturday.

The landlady was displeased.  (The landlady is my mother.  She is not fun when displeased, especially when she spends LARGE quanitities of money at this establishment.)

Suffice it to say, that for another 3 days, I will be operating my kitchen out of a small dorm fridge barely large enough to hold a gallon of milk, eggs, cheese, lunchmeat and jelly.

Oh yeah..  My kids are home for the second snow day in a row tomorrow.

I prayed for patience.

I should be more careful in what I pray for.

Newsworthy tidbits:
  • LPS hired me as a substitute teacher.  It took 4 and a half months, but it's done.  I have a tag and everything.  If you know any teachers (or are a teacher) that needs a sub, have them request me!
  • "Issues" are proceeding, slowly, but surely, and are going to be finished in the next month.  I can't wait!
  • We are getting money back from our taxes (which MY HERO is working on RIGHT NOW).  We are also getting a little more school money for MY HERO than we did last year.
  • On Saturday, at a baptism, I was offered some "professional office work clothes" for free.  I was worried about what to wear for LPS, and someone at church offered the clothes.  Prayers are answered.
  • I have a job lined up for the summer!
While life can be stressful, and my temper can get hot, I am so grateful that the Lord answers prayers.  If I just chill, everything works out.

I'm so grateful!