Sunday, March 9, 2014

There is Sonshine in my soul today!

This week, Pop was really struggling with happiness.
She just wasn't.
She's 14.  I get it.  But it was ridiculous how difficult life really was NOT.
That being said, revelation came at a moment truly needed.  Pop now must present a list of at least 10 good things about each day.
It has changed her whole attitude.
I decided, to be fair, that I am going to list things for which I am grateful.  (I know it isn't Thanksgiving..  I don't care.  We should always be thankful for the blessings sent to us!)
  1. My family is AMAZING!
  2. We have a new roof over our heads
  3. There are also new gutters to move the rain from the new roof to the gardens (some of which are starting inside this week!)
  4. New siding protects our home!
  5. The new windows offer a clearer perspective on life!
  6. One bathroom renovation is almost finished... and it looks awesome.
  7. The second bathroom renovation begins tomorrow.
  8. The Master bedroom was rearranged and cleaned today (except carpets.  Those get cleaned after the renovation is finished.)
  9. 5 pounds was lost over the last week starting Weight Watchers.
  10. My friend came to Weight Watchers with me.
  11. Asparagus was only 98 cents a bunch.  (I LOVE asparagus.)
  12. My uncle and cousin are coming into town this week, as my cousin is playing baseball against the Huskers.
  13. My manatee was found.  (See #7 above.)
  14. I went out to a movie with some friends.  LOVED it!
  15. I'm getting my hair done on Thursday!
  16. Hawaii is ONLY 3 months and 3 days away.
  17. My hands are going through a deep moisturizing treatment tonite.  They are going to feel so good tomorrow.
  18. Even though I am not working this week (as school is on Spring Break), my job is the greatest job ever!  I got to play my violin, the bells and conduct this week.  I also got to hang out with some pretty fantastic high school students.
  19. Only 8 more days until Frozen comes out on DVD and Blue Ray.
  20. The gospel of Jesus Christ is true. I am blessed to know it, love it and live it!
What are you thankful for?