Saturday, March 31, 2007

Okay, so I finally got around to putting the pictures from the awards ceremony on here. To the right is my, with my really pretty award for being the Full-Time Interviewer of the Year. On the left are all of the award winners, and in the middle are the centerpieces I made.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Playin' catch up

Okay, so I know that it has been ages, but so much has happened that I thought I had better catch up.

I'm still waiting on the pictures, but I actually won an award for work last weekend. For the year 2006, I was the "Full-Time Employee of the Year"... So not expecting that. I won this really cool little glass globe thing that sits on my desk. It was really fun.

By the way... sometime this summer a group of us should get together and go to Mahoney State Park for the day (maybe camp too). The all you can eat seafood and prime rib buffet is actually pretty good (and not terribly priced) and the melodramas are kinda entertaining (although the one we saw, not so great for children).

Speaking of summer - the countdown is on for Orlando... 10 weeks and 4 days... (Of course I'm counting, are you nuts????)

I got to see Orron and Irene's baby this weekend. She is so flipping cute, and she makes the funniest noises. I just love cuddling her.

The clean sweeping of my house has begun. I should have taken before and afte pictures, but suffice it to say that I cleaned out the bedroom closets this week, and its a little scary how few clothes I actually have.

So Wendy is my inspiration.. She told me last night that she can fit into her wedding dress.. I am so impressed. I would love to be able to do that (fit into my wedding dress, not hers... I'd have to be anorexic or something to fit into hers...). New resolve to get back on the diet.