Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the Road Again...

After months of waiting, I am finally in route to Florida.

Truth be told, I am probably sleeping. (Aren't scheduled posts fabulous???)

I have my parents to thank for my willingness and ability to road trip anywhere roads will take me. They had no problems hauling us all over the country.

So, I would like to share with you a few of my favorite-ist road trips from my life story.

My first long road trip took place in a 1970's station wagon. If you are too young to remember these, I'm truly sorry for you. They were quite the experience. We traveled from Provo Utah to New Orleans Louisiana. It was just SuperHill, WonderWoman, the Judge and I.

Our next travel was to San Antonio... I know, not bad.

We then went to California, and the Philadelphia in one of these. (My parents called it the reverse Mormon Trail trip.) Our pickup was the most attractive safety orange color. At least we got to sleep in actual beds, rather than on seats.

Suffice it to say, that upon moving to Alaska, (and preparing to drive there) my parents traded in the camper for a brown suburban (the first of my mother's obsession for large utility vehicles). After a brief visit with my grandparents in Utah, we arrived in Fairbanks Alaska several weeks later. Click here if you want to see a map of the drive. (4254 miles)

Lest you believe that this was all boring and motionless, may I remind you that at this time, third seats were optional, as were seat belts, so my parents would fold down the short second seat, and my brothers and I would crawl all over the back of the suburban. (BREATHE AHNAH!!!) It wasn't all bad, and I had some really great memories to share later on.

We traveled up and down the Alaska Highway at least 5 times, that I remember to go fishing in Seward. Then we drove to Lincoln Nebraska.

This is my second drive to Orlando, and after these cute little maps, can you see why the driving part doesn't really faze me??? The only problem I face is the brief periods where I can drive. Because of my traveling experience, I have a natural tendancy to sleep in vehicles, because that was my conditioned training.

So, TTFN!!! Wish me bon voyage (or sweet dreams!!!)

Monday, October 20, 2008


The girls and I started packing for the trip last night. My goal was to have us packed before I went to sleep.

That did not happen, but I did get lots of laundry done!!!

This morning I folded it all. (6 loads all together... thanks for the applause. it was not neccesary...)

Hopefully, hero and munchkins can get the outfits loaded into the suitcase this afternoon and then I pack mine tonight when I get home from work. I will finish loading axe, unload my camera, and be on my way.

Speaking of packing...

We have had a small foundation leak in our basement for a few weeks, just when it rains. This morning the guy came to patch it up. I'm rather impressed, and it only costed me $60.

It was great! No more smelly soggy carpet!!!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Poor Axe...

In an effort to lessen the amount of stuff I have to load and unload into the wagon train on Wednesday, I decided to load Axe's SD card with songs from my collection. I figured I could just run music off of that, and I'd be good for the weekend. (I have a magic little adapter that makes Axe talk to the radio and broadcast. It's awesome!)

I am not going to lie to you.

I have three huge CD cases FULL of CD's and then some.

Axe has a 2GB SD Card.

I really thought this was going to be okay since I wasn't pulling all of the songs off of the CD's, just some off of each one.

Plus, I went through and took off a few songs that I didn't want on her anymore.


I obviously had no idea how truly sick I am.

I barely got through ONE CD case before the memory thing told me that it was almost full.

It wouldn't be so bad if the cases weren't labeled by genre, and then alphabetized. I barely got through country, because that is DJ's favorite (I don't have a favorite... I am too ecclectic for that) and I figured he could listen while he drives and I can sleep.

So now I am under the impression that I need to go pick up another SD card (or two, or three) to load the rest of my songs, then I can just choose which card to stick in, and voila!!! A radio station with none of those pesky deejays and commercials.

My husband thinks I'm nuts.

He is probably right.

SO... which songs do you think I should take???