Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I have struggled with weight problems since... egads... childhood. I can still remember at the ripe age of 8 my mother telling me I need to lose weight, or at the age of 11 my father calling me thunder thighs. I swore someday, I would solve my weight problems and be gorgeous.

I did. At the age of 18, I was my leanest ever. I still weighed in at 180 pounds, but thanks to some great friends, the Y mountain (walking to and from my dorms up to the main campus two to three times a day) and aerobics class 4 times per week, I managed to really look pretty good.

I am not so lean now.

Two babies, depression, divorce and a sedentary job will do that to a person.

Fortunately, I have a few things going my way.

Number 1 - A great support system.

My friend, Audra, gets up and walks with me three times per week. Even though I am tremendously poky... We visit and laugh, and plan... We sample each others delicious recipes... It works out great! Thanks for your support!

My doctor is fabulous! He is so great to help me make the good choices, so he doesn't have to make the big icky ones.

The nurse at my doctor's office that meets with me once a week to help me with my weigh in and support me by helping me set goals.

My boss always asks how I am doing, and if there is anything she can do to help. And people at my work who will come down on breaks and walk around with me.

Number 2 - A great mall that lets people come in and walk for health. Around and around and around we go, and hopefully it pays off.

Actually, funny story... The other day, Audra and I were walking around and a lady came up to us and asked us if we were walking to lose weight. (UMMMM DUHHHH) She told us to stick to it. She had lost weight walking, and we shouldn't give up.

I am also grateful to a city and state that promote well-being by offering programs like N-Lighten Nebraska.

Number 3 - My Rewards - This year there are a bunch of trips that I want to go on, but my weight is starting to restrict my ability to travel comfortably on a plane. Therefore, if I hit my little goals, I can go on little trips. My big goal this year is a trip to Las Vegas with my parents and husband for Christmas and New Years. I want to be able to walk the strip comfortably and enjoy the everything.

SO, even though it seems like I have a lot of discouragement, I am grateful to the people who support me, the blessing of living in a health conscious city and the rewards i can set up that keep me motivated.


Monday, January 5, 2009

Mantras and mission plans

William S. Preston, Esquire, and Theodore Logan, had the right idea in the early nineties, they just didn’t execute it all that well.

Today, in Relief Society, the idea was driven home to me so poignantly that I could not help but giggle in mirth for several minutes, (I am not known for being the most reverent in church) much to the chagrin of the presenter.

We were discussing our Ward Mission plan, and the things that we are doing to promote it. I’m not big on asking the GQ (the genealogist wanted to know why Mormons were promoting Gentlemen’s Quarterly???) but I don’t have a problem inviting people to go places with me, or to do stuff. As a matter of fact, I have been known to host parties, in dark basements by candlelight (because of power outages) that last well into the early morning hours. It’s the great company, I’m sure, that holds these together.

I digress…

We were discussing how the best way to meet people and share with them our religion is to get into the community and to be nice good people. We should be excellent and outstanding members of society who people should want to be around.

The only thing I could think was a direct quote from a movie that my mother regrets ever letting my brothers and I see…

If you have not been introduced to Bill and Ted and their Excellent Adventure, may I recommend the movie in the wee hours of the morning, when adrenaline, caffeine and a sugar rush are all keeping you conscious? It is really funny, I promise!!!

Suffice it to say, the giggles began.

Then I started thinking of my initial experience with their mantra.

You have all heard of the Buckingham Palace Guards. They are not supposed to move, smile, nothing, no matter what you do. (Side note – I could not do this job. I am a guaranteed sell at the Make You Smile Game.)

Military police (college boys on a power trip) are the same way. They are not supposed to express emotion. At the ripe ages of 11, 10, 7 and 4 my brothers and I would make faces out the car window, wave, etc trying to get these boys to smile, laugh, roll their eyes, anything. NADA!

About two weeks after seeing this movie, we were driving through the main gates of the military installation upon which my family lived, and I rolled down the window. In unison, the Judge, the Builder, Bubby and myself all screamed Bill and Ted’s catch phrase.

Those two MP’s didn’t stand a chance. The guy inside at the desk put his head on the desk, his shoulders shaking. The guy outside saluting my father (who is ranked a major, as marked by the sticky pass in the corner of the windshield, and therefore an upper-level officer) almost fell over the little curb he was laughing so hard. The Doc was mortified in the front seat, trying to raise the window from his arm control and locking down my control of the window. The Management was trying hard not too laugh while looking properly, motheringly, annoyed at the four of us in the backseats.

Reflecting back, I feel kinda bad. These guys could have gotten into a lot of trouble. I’m sure, for them, though, it was worth it.

So, what do Bill and Ted have to do with being good missionaries???

Their mantra, and my personal mission statement -