Sunday, September 12, 2010

Garage Sale

Over the weekend, I held a garage sale with my sister-in-law, VB, and her sister KT. I haven't done a garage sale for so long, it is almost depressing. I learned a few things.

1) I should not be allowed in bookstores. Libraries are much better. I LOVE BOOKS TOO MUCH!

2) My children go through clothes way too fast. Some of the clothes still had tags on them. It was ridiculous.

3) Things that were important to me 5 years ago really don't matter than much anymore.

4) My two car garage is not big enough.

5) I still love this. Only mine is light brown, and has a cooler in the middle.

6) The Huskers are on the comeback! (And my mother's set up for gamedays is AWESOME!)

7) The Cougars are doing okay, and are definitely cheer-worthy (even though they lost).

8) I really don't need another baby of my own. Playing with my nieces and nephews is awesome (even the ones I am not blood-related to!!!). (Hi Tare-Bear!!!)

9) There is no real demographic to garage sale people. They are all just fabulous people!

10) Rain does not stop people from coming to garage sales. It just makes them wet!