Tuesday, June 30, 2009


The time has come,
Shannon said,
To Talk of just one thing.

Of moving on
and moving out
to see what the future brings.

But silence and sleeping
and phone calls have kept the
talk from coming.

And now she waits,
the preface in play
her feelings o so bumming.

For not far hence
The sad news of
permanent removal imminent.

And yet, she pauses,
for the talks to start,
the conversation unpleasant.

For on the morrow,
Rain or shine,
Those once welcomed will remove

And to the promise
Previous made
Shannon will be true.

So wish us luck,
FOr hurt feelings dread,
and Shannon can't yet sleep

For as long as
he's on the phone,
She cannot make a peep.

the clock does say
as it approaches two

The time has come
and Shannon knows
Exactly what she must do.

Wish me luck everyone!
The tenure now is through!