Friday, September 7, 2012

To teach, or to mother... That is the question...

My mother was a stay at home sort.  She was always there to do laundry and housekeeping, and get on our case.  We were very blessed that my dad could provide well-enough for our family that she could be home with us.  I always wanted to be just like her.  I wanted to stay home and raise my kids and keep my house... but it was not meant to be.

Every morning I get up and wonder if I should work today in the schools, or if I should stay home and complete the tasks there.  I always feel guilty going to work, because I know that "no success can compensate for failure in the home."  And yet, I truly love what I do for work.

Yesterday, I had an epiphany.  My Heavenly Father did not bless me with the talents He did for the benefit of only my children.  Furthermore, I know that He has purposes in mind for me - I have no idea what's in store.  That being said, I decided to fall into His will.  I told Him that if he wanted me to work outside my home that day, there would be a job for me in the morning, ready to go.  But if it was more important for me to stay home and take care of my family, no job would come up.  I then told him that I would be happy with whatever the plan was and make the best use of my day either way.

It worked yesterday!

I accomplished everything on the "today's list."  I did not complete all the big "Sometime in the future" list, but I did finish what needed to be done yesterday.  Even better...  it was done before I picked the girls up from school.

I know that when we trust in the Lord, and align our will to His, He will help us do what is needful.  I know that we will accomplish what he has set out for us to accomplish, and I am so grateful for Him in my life!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

My Life's Blueprint and Blogs

For those who didn't know, I recently started up a new blog based upon my experiences as a substitute teacher.  Basically the idea is to keep notes of what classroom teachers are doing that are AWESOME, so I can look back and say... Oh yeah... I should do that, should I ever decide to be a full-time teacher.

For the record, though, I love subbing.  I love seeing different students, and enjoying creative curriculum.  I have often heard it said that subbing is like being a grandma or aunt.  You get all the fun, but the parents eventually come back.

Always said I wanted to be the favorite aunt!!!

I was really impressed with this lesson plan and my comments about it are pretty amazing (if I do say so myself!).  Please take a look.

A brief synopsis:

 Develop an affirmation statement.  A process was given.
  1. Write down your name.
  2. Write down something at which you are good.
  3. Write down a personal goal that you have.
  4. Write down a goal you have for your family.
  5. Write down a goal you have for your education.
  6. Combine all of these ideas into one master affirmation statement.
My affirmation statement:

My name is Shannon and I am a good mom and a daughter of a loving Heavenly Father.  I will be participating in a triathlon when I turn 40 and would like to get my Master's Degree in the next 5 years.  I would like for my family to be more healthy, so we have many more years together!

The whole triathlon thing has me a bit freaked out since I will be turning 35 in 22 days.  That only gives me 5 years to get 'er done.  For this reason, I have really buckled down on my workouts and keeping track of attitude etc.  If you haven't taken a look at my other blog about my fitness, please feel free to do so.  Any motivation or encouragement is always appreciated.  (Not that I am into self-glorification or anything, but it helps when people are supporting my efforts.)  I use to track my walks/runs and (the dreaded) ellipticals.  If you wanna be Street Team Members, just let me know.

My family is the most important thing to me, so I am working really hard to find time to spend with them.  Hailey, Katie and I started a blog about Cult Classic movies, but were surprised when people kept suggesting movies (53 comments on Facebook.  CRAZY AWESOME).  I posted the list here.  If you have others to add, just add a comment!  If you have seen a movie that we watch and post about, leave a comment on the page for the movie!

Please enjoy my blogs, but remember that they are journals for me, so please keep comments positive and helpful!  These are my memories you are tampering with!