Tuesday, February 16, 2010

When the Lord closes a door...

Shortly after I met Hero, he began working for Burger King, first as an assistant manager, and now as a restaurant manager. His big goal is to be an accountant, but that requires him finishing school, and let's be honest, who has time for that???

Last Thursday, Hero had some allergy testing done, simply because his symptoms have become almost too much for him to bear, and, as he calls it, he has a lot of "outside motivation" (btw- that means me).

Among a myriad of other things, Hero is allergic to corn and mold.

We are going to skip over the obvious jokes about being allergic to the state of Nebraska, and go right to the fact that he is allergic to his job.

If you think of a standard double cheeseburger at Burger King, the only thing Hero will not respond allergically to is the beef. And we are not talking food allergies here, we are talking about airborne allergies associated with food. He can't get away from this.

There are things we are doing to limit his allergies. The first was to buy a hefty air purifier for the house, and a baby one for his office at work. We are redoing our bedding, and covering all upholstery in the bedroom to limit contaminants. Hero deep-cleaned everything. We are gradually fixing things up to make it cleaner and less cluttered in our home. We are changing our diet to accommodate the needs of his. He starts immuno-therapy in two weeks: 4 shots every Wednesday.

It isn't enough. We have been talking for years about him going back to school, and I finally just laid it out there. I need him alive in 50 years. That means he needs to get out of the restaurant. He balked a little, but he understood. He thought about it for awhile, and decided that we did need to have him go back.

Sunday night, he shared with me that there may be an opening in his company for an accounting graduate in about 5 years, about when he would get done with school.

We filled out the online applications for Southeast Community College and FAFSA yesterday.

He starts on March 31st. 3 classes a quarter.

And the Lord opened a window!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Soundtrack of Life!!!

I am a music junkie... My husband knows it, I know it, and my children are becoming junkies too. I can go from opera to reggae to hip hop to country in seconds, and I have a pretty eclectic collection to prove it. It is only worse, because my brother, Bubby, is a junkie too, and I have his old computer and his old ITunes stuff.

My friend, V, put a little list together, and I did one too!

(By the way, I loved it so much, I burned the CD for my car!!!)

Opening Credits:
"Get Back" The Beatles

Waking Up:
"So Far, So Good" Bryan Adams (I would hope so!!!)

Falling In Love:
"Don't Stop Believin'" Journey (Admit it.. you're singing!!!)

Fight Song:
"A Kind of Magic" Queen (Really???)

Breaking Up:

"Rock You Like a Hurricane" Scorpians (YES!!!!)

"Can't Buy Me Love" Beatles (I can't make this stuff up!!!)

Life’s Okay:
"Sing" The Carpenters (I do sing when life is good, or bad, or fine...)

Mental Breakdown:
"Can't Stop This Thing We Started" Bryan Adams (LOL!!!!!)

"I've Got You Under My Skin" Michael Buble

"Harden My Heart/Shadows of the Night" from Rock of Ages Soundtrack

Happy Dance:
"Love Shack" B-52's (some part of your body just started dancing...)

"Forgot About Dre" Dr. Dre (LOL!!!!)

Final Battle:
"Rocket Man" Elton John

Death Scene:
"Every Breath You take" The Police (Can you say irony, and a little creepy...)

Make-Out Scene:
"Corazon Espinado" Santana featuring Mana (latin... really???)

Ending Credits:
"True Colors" Phil Collins