Friday, December 16, 2011

Countdown to Christmas

(Totally stealing from T-Starr, but it seemed the quickest and most efficient way to get my points across...)

  1. Hailey and Katie are staying in Lincoln this Christmas.  Honestly, it is bittersweet for me.  I love that we get to have Christmas as a family.  They are sad because they wanted to see their brothers and sisters.  Fortunately, they are pretty excited about Christmas!  We are doing a lot of family stuff and that is awesome!
  2. Hailey decided to go to Southeast High School.  While an East alumnus and fan, we made the decision to let her make this decision.  It was a tough call, because she wanted International Baccalaureate (Would you believe that I spelled that word correctly without looking at it or spell check???) at Lincoln High School, but after much study and prayer, that was a choice we could not give her.  Three years ago, when choosing a middle school, Pound became the answer to several prayers.  I am grateful that Hailey thinks through things and makes good decisions.  She is an amazing young woman (I totally typed "little girl" first... then I started to cry...  My baby is going to high school...)
  3. Last night Hailey and Katie sang at their choir concert.  Band concert was two weeks ago.  Their talents amaze me!
  4. My Job=Fantastic!
  5. DJ is back at the O Street Burger King.  It's a faster pace, but I believe he feels at home there.
  6. Several people have asked me what is like to have dad be the bishop.  Not really news there as he was a bishop when I was 12.  It's a little different now, but not too much.  He's my dad.  He is an amazing man, and I love him for his dedication to the Lord, his selfless service and the strength of his testimony.
  7. Tomorrow I get to go to the temple with mom, dad and Irene!  Aaron and Whitney are coming west to go with us.  The girls are even riding up and taking Annabelle for a walk.
  8. Tonite I am doing the awesome-aunt thing!!!  Four extra kids overnight so moms and dads can go on dates!  It will be fun!
  9. I got a new calling at church.  The release from Primary Chorister was really hard...  best calling in the church, as far as I was concerned...  but the children I am now working closely with are true treasures of Heavenly Father.  I was actually called to work with these children, so I will transition with them at the New Year.  They are amazing!!!
  10. Date night with DJ tomorrow night!  We are getting some hot chocolate and driving around looking at Christmas lights!  I can't wait!
On a personal note - If I don't write again before Christmas...  We wish you all the best this holiday season!  We love you and look forward to seeing you again!